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UFO Dances With Airplane

UFO Dances With Airplane

"To this day, I do not know what we saw, but it is clear that it was under intelligent control and coincided, as to time and place, with what was seen by 70 people on the ground, and neither of us new that the other had seen this stuff for 40 odd years" says retired Pan American World Airways Pilot, Captain Ralph Loewinger. When I asked him if he believed in different levels and forms of The Supernatural and why he responded, "I am not sure at this point in my life. I will NOT discount it however." On October 3rd, 1967, Ralph was the copilot of PAA Flight 160, a Boeing 707 cargo ship out of New York headed to London.
This is a FIRST hand, eyewitness account from the pilot himself who today feels that "no other pilots care, many strange things have been reported across the bar." Today, there are a bountiful rising amount of informal looks into UFO and ET Phenomenon not just in Canada but other global spots as well.
They were approaching Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at approximately 33,000 feet when the strange occurrence had hit. The night was described by Ralph as "clear, moonless and the lights of the south coast were plainly in view." He was the first to observe a formation of lights that sat at eleven o'clock position and a bit high.
"It appeared to be another large transport, showing all lights, heading straight for us in a left bank which would take it across our bow. I announced to Captain Curt Olsen and flight engineer Mike Littlepage to 'watch this guy!'" All eyes were on deck watching what became known as and referred to as 'The Lights'. Both pilots went onto the control yokes to avoid collision. The lights hung at a 45 degree angle downslope left to right.
The pilots did not file a UFO report when asked if they had wanted to when talking with the Boston air traffic control center. Even-though it was confirmed by the control center that there was no traffic near the plane the pilots decided to let this go to avoid filing out paperwork.
Ralph says that they should have "been closing in on this strange target if it was standing still, and Mike remembers the lights getting closer." He also recalls bringing the Navigator and Third Pilot up from the gallery to point this out. Over the past forty plus years, details become grained and blurred but one thing remains a constant which is that night over Nova Scotia, many people in flight and on ground witnessed 'The Lights.'
Days later upon returning from his flight, Ralph was listening to a Canadian radio station while driving and the news announcer stated that "the RCMP had discontinued search operations for 'strange light formations reported falling into the sea near Yarmouth'". What was certain was that this crew saw the light formation similarly reported at the same time on the ground at Shag Harbour.
I asked Ralph what he was doing these days and he told me, "I am retired living in the world's largest fly-in community near Daytona. I have a small airplane and ponder the heavens often -- and yes, I still wonder about what I saw. Incidentally, the History Channel did a one hour show on this some years ago and I guess one could find it still." 'Deep Sea UFOs' aired on The History Channel January 23, 2006.
Did 'The Lights' AKA UFO dive into the Harbour disappearing on that cold, confusing night back in October of 1967? Dives also have occurred to check the ocean floor bedding to see if anything was out of sorts. Unusual "Depressions on the Seabed" as if someone came in and swept up the floor neatly and smoothly at the Shag Harbor UFO Site, was revealed. This leaves us with somewhat of our own 'impressions' that either we can believe, sit on that fence or completely disbelieve.
Caption: Shag Harbour UFO Museum. Photo Credit - Rebecca Kendrick
The Shag Harbour Museum was created in which you can visit each year from June until September and is being upgraded as funding provides. It is supported by a group of dedicated volunteer workers of the Shag Harbour UFO Incident Society. Besides promoting the Shag Harbour Incident, the Society is hoping to increase tourism in this area to help ally the problems with a declining fishery.

Life on Venus


An article published in the Solar System Research magazine reported Several objects resembling living beings were detected on photos made by a Russian landing probe in 1982 during a Venus mission.
Leonid Ksanfomaliti of the Space Research Institute of Russia’s Academy of Sciences published research that analyzed the photos from the Venus mission made by a Soviet landing probe, Venus-13, in 1982.
The photos feature several objects, which Ksanfomaliti said, resembled “a disk,” “a black flap” and “a scorpion.” All of them “emerge, fluctuate and disappear,” the scientist said, referring to their changing location on different photos and traces on the ground.
"What if we forget about the current theories about the nonexistence of life on Venus, let’s boldly suggest that the objects’ morphological features would allow us to say that they are living,” Solar System Research quoted Ksanfomaliti as saying.
No data proving the existence of life on Venus, where the ground temperature is 464 degrees Celsius (867 degrees Fahrenheit), has ever been found.

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Costa Rica: Authorities Cannot Ascertain Source of Midnight "Explosion"

Costa Rica: Authorities Cannot Ascertain Source of Midnight "Explosion"

Costa Rica: Authorities Cannot Ascertain Source of Midnight “Explosion”

Source: La Nación (Costa Rica)
Date: 09 January 2012

San José (Hilda Miranda – Newsroom). The loud noise resembling that of an explosion was heard by dozens of people around midnight yesterday hitherto lacks any explanation by officialdom.

Neither the National Meteorological Institute (IMN) nor the OVISCORI (Costa Rican Vulcanology Observatory) have any records of a phenomenon that could have been responsible for the loud reverberations.

According to hundreds on the social networks, a powerful report -- lasting more than five minutes – was heard around midnight yesterday.

Reports from readers of La Nación on Facebook suggest that the reverberations were heard in parts of San José and in more remote communities such as Turrialba, San Ramon, Coronado, Heredia, Escazú and others.

According to the IMN, the atmosphere’s behavior in recent hours was normal. “Experts checked the satellite signal and no record of any anomalous situation was found,” stated Mario Sánchez, the agency’s press officer.

Similarly, the Observatorio Vulcanologico y Sismológico de Costa Rica (OVSICORI) informed that there was no record of any strong tremor that could have given rise to the loud buzzing.

Another version that made the rounds held that the explosions were from festivities in the town of Zapote, but the parties in charge of the celebrations dismissed this conjecture.

“The fireworks were normal. We are aware of that noise, but we don’t believe that it has anything to do with the festivities at Zapote, because people heard it in places far from [the community],” said Rafael Arias, an advisor to the San José city hall.

Arias further noted that the closing cannonade was at approximately 9 p.m., but that unauthorized parties discharged a series of “bomblets” around 12 a.m. “But it wasn’t a loud sound either,” he noted.

Some readers also stated that lights in the sky accompanied the loud noise.

(Translation (c) 2012, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Alex Astua)

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Argentina: UFOs Caught by the Camera's Eye, Yet Never Seen

Argentina: UFOs Caught by the Camera's Eye, Yet Never Seen

Quequén (Necochea): UFOs Caught by the Camera’s Eye, Yet Never Seen
By Guillermo D. Gimenez, Contributing Editor, Inexplicata

On January 6, 1981, around 10: 45 a.m., a photojournalist named Juan Carlos Lima and a staff writer, both from the El Atlántico newspaper (Necochea desk) headed toward a residential district under construction in the vicinity of Quequén’s Irurzun Hospital for an article regarding the progress on housing erected for victims of the 1980 floods, when the great Quequén River overflowed as a result of torrential rains throughout Buenos Aires, flooding and destroying homes, bridges and sweeping away animals and an array of objects.

Having secured photos of the neighborhood and the newspaper article completed, they returned to the lab to develop the roll of film. At the lab, Lima noticed that one of his photos presented a spot. Thinking that it was debris on the film, he redeveloped it, but was startled to see that it wasn’t a spot. Rather, he had photographed a UFO without seeing it.

Analyzing the Case

The photographer, Juan Carlos Lima, took the negative to a photo laboratory with a wider range of equipment to confirm the identity of the object he’d captured, studying it under powerful magnification with a colleague. Both men were able to make out its contours, shape and the resemblance to two plates joined at their edges (or a hat shape). This is the circumstance that determined the reality of the photograph. He had indeed photographed a UFO.

The next day, “El Atlántico” published the photograph, but providing an entirely incorrect version and twisting the information.

Troubled by what was published, the photographer wired the newsroom at the TELAM news agency and on 08.01.81, Buenos Aires’s “Cronica” newspaper published the story supplied by Juan Carlos Lima under the title “UFOs Also Enjoy the Summer”. Over many long years of research, ufologists have detected that the press – on certain occasions – provide another form of dissemination that differs from the events that truly occurred in order to provide a more sensational slant to the story.

The Photo
The photo was taken with a Pentax camera, using a 21 DIN black and white roll of film. Shutter speed was set at 1/240 and an f8 stop. Most of the other photos had already been used in journalistic pursuits.

The distance between the photographer and the building under construction, visible in the photo, is approximately 70 meters (230 ft.) with the sun visible high in the sky (bear in mind that the time was nearly 11:00 a.m.) with some clouds on a full summer day.

The Witness

The witness was interviewed four (4) times throughout the length of this investigation by this author, as well as a colleague from Buenos Aires, and was perceived as an honest and sincere person. He displayed no interest in the subject, but firmly believed that he had photographed a UFO.

Juan Carlos Lima’s sincerity is further evidenced in his interest in providing the accurate version of the events upon seeing a completely false version published by “El Atlántico” in Mar del Plata (on 07.01.81), prompting him to write a news agency with the exact story of how he had come to take a picture of the object (“Crónica”, Buenos Aires, 08.01.81).

Similar Cases

Throughout worldwide photo case histories we have come across incidents similar to this one, with three mentioned by way of example:

1. April 1, 1970: Mr. Eduardo Stukert takes photos at Urca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Upon developing the roll, he notices the presence of four (4) highly luminous and cigar-shaped objects (mother ships). The photographer had not seen them.
2. April 21, 1973: Palmar de Colon, Entre Rios, Argentina. Ms. Zulema Martorelli photographs birds flying in an unusual way, startled by this incident. Upon developing the roll, the presence of a large object that had been invisible to her was revealed.
3. November 11, 1977: Near Montevideo, Uruguay. Photographer Escribana Alicia Volante de Zito captures another UFO on film that was undetected by her eyes.

Other Sightings

That very same day (06.01.81) several local residents approached the newsroom of “El Atlántico” to report on a strange tubular object, bright yellow in color, which flew over the city that afternoon.

In downtown Necochea, three other witnesses (whose information is on file) saw a UFO the size of a coin, yellow-white in color, heading west at around 21:30 hours on the 6th of January. The object made an abrupt descent to vanish from the sight of witnesses. The event lasted only a few minutes. When sources were consulted about flights on 06 January by helicopters and/or airplanes, they indicated that no flights other than those proper to the city’s air facility had taken place.